A firm platform for the travel and tourism recovery process is required which will ensure that finance reaches more beneficiaries and protects our earth’s most valued assets. In EplerWood International’s White Paper, A Marshall Plan for Tourism: Can it be built?, Megan Epler Wood calls out for a coordinated effort to finance the recovery of destinations. 

Watch for future papers that review the requirements for the recovery from the perspective of sustainable development, climate change sensitivity, and governance.

Building off the original report, A Marshall Plan for Tourism: Can it be built?, EplerWood International (EWI) and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) have developed this new Concept Paper to review how the current COVID-19 crisis can potentially be alleviated in Southeast Asia and the Pacific via a destination-focused sustainable finance program that is developed to enable a sustainable recovery, address ailing destination infrastructure, and reequip tourism SMEs as value creators. 

This paper explores how a mix of finance mechanisms can address the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, while also developing a stable platform for sustainable growth and investment in the future of tourism in the region.