EplerWood International developed a White Paper for Wyndham Green to review how China’s unprecedented building boom frames challenges for the hotel sector.  

Top student, Linda Powers Tomasso, from Epler Wood’s class at Harvard, won the opportunity to write this seminal white paper looking at the emerging green building sector in China, supply chain issues for the commissioning of sustainable buildings, and the type of training that will be required for students entering into green hotel construction in China. The overall goal of the project is to build expertise for the development of green hotels in China.

The China Green White Paper is used by Epler Wood’s class on Environmental Management of International Tourism Development and the class Sustainable Buildings: Design, Construction and Operations, also taught in the Harvard graduate program, Sustainability and Environmental Management, by Dr. Jack Spengler. Spengler co-offers the course with Prof. Xudong Yang in the Department of Building Sciences of Tsinghua University in China.

Tomasso traveled to Nanchang University in January 2013 to undertake a training needs assessment for tourism planning and green hospitality development. She reviewed training needs with top government, university, and private sector leaders in China and is finalizing a paper for Harvard University Extension on Environmental Tourism Training Needs for the Next Generation of Tourism Development in Rural China.