Sustainable Destination Investment Management

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Global destinations require sustainable finance to move towards net zero results

Our History

EplerWood International (EWI) has helped develop new concepts for sustainable tourism development worldwide in some of the greatest ecosystems on earth. EWI brings deep experience in sustainable destination management from its years working for a wide range of development agencies, including USAID, GIZ, IDB, and the World Bank. Learn more

Megan Epler Wood was one of the founders of the field of ecotourism. She is leading this effort to help destinations worldwide achieve resilience and prosperity. See our history

Who Are We?

Destinvest is a new EWI program launched with a team of partners who have worked with the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Harvard University, and Cornell University to provide science-based climate reporting and certificate training which will drive sustainable finance and investment to destinations worldwide. Read more

What Does DestInvest Do?

DestInvest collaborates with communities and regions affected by tourism impacts to transition to more resilient and regenerative tourism models.  Our tools and frameworks help tourism destinations develop effective systems to track and pay for the Invisible Burden so that local communities flourish, natural resources and biodiversity are conserved, and the tourism industry can create effective climate plans.

How Might We Work Together?

We invite you to consider investing in the future of key centers of nature and culture for humanity.

What will Destinvest provide to launch an investment platform?

  • Evaluation of greatest impacts of tourism on a destination
  • Recommendations on needed infrastructure and governance for long-term destination health
  • Operational Review of Taxation Systems for Tourism
  • Projections for Cost Structures to Develop Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Final Feasibility Studies for Destination Investment Strategy
  • Training Local Teams in the skills required for destination management

How Can We Begin Working Together?

We currently have DestInvest regional partnerships in Canada and the Asia Pacific region. We are eager to expand the reach of DestInvest to new regions.

DestInvest’s partnerships will be informed by ISO standard 40013 with the goal of using collaboration between Small and Medium Enterprises to leverage local sustainable development results worldwide.

Previous Projects:

Sustainable Tourism Recovery & Resilience Plan for Puerto Rico, Post-Hurricane Maria

EplerWood International prepared a robust enterprise development strategy for vulnerable populations across Puerto Rico – post-Hurricane Maria. This was in response to a disastrous fall in economic activity island-wide, a crash of the tourism economy , rapid out-migration of workers to the US., and a collapse of the electric grid on the island due to climate change factors – all in 2018. Funded by U.S. Homeland Security and managed by the Rand Corporation & the Boston firm Geoadaptive; the team bravely ventured across the island meeting with local people, mapping the key treasures of nature and culture, and targeting which regions could best achieve resilience through local businesses start-ups and expansions in cooperation with local federal and land trust managers. The project is moving towards greater economic resilience for communities in rural pockets of the country, and has become a vibrant part of the conservation, heritage and sustainable enterprise ecosystem on the island. Most notably, the concepts behind the effort have been successfully implemented by the El Yunque National Forest and neighboring communities to develop a range of community centered businesses to bring greater conservation and sustainable development to the buffer zones of this august and treasured U.S. national tropical forest reserve. Learn more

Triple Bottom Line Feasibility Study for Symbiosis Resorts in Fiji

Symbiosis Resorts commissioned a study in 2019  to investigate the potential of an ecotourism and conservation company in Fiji that would contribute to the conservation of its lesser developed island Vanua Levu, bolster marine conservation work on the Rainbow Reef and provide outstanding diving and cultural experiences on the island. O’Shannon Burns, EWI Program Manager designed the plan at Harvard Extension, for her captstone, which the firm was to use to engage and attract investors.  She engaged local stakeholders and performed an on-site audit to develop a business model, expansion plan, strategic goals, and a sustainability management system for the company. Learn more