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New Class on Ecotourism at Harvard University Extension

A new course on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development is being launched at Harvard Extension taught by Megan Epler Wood. This on-line course is available to interested students worldwide, with open enrollment access. This advanced level course on ecotourism applies 27 years of lessons learned from Epler Wood, business and policy leaders in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Students will review case studies and will be asked to develop projects with business approaches based on local costs and scenarios. Key words: social enterprise, natural resources, conservation, and international development. 

The new ecotourism course compliments Epler Wood's core offering, Environmental Management of International Tourism Development in the classroom and on-line. Now in its 7th year, this course presents the structure of the international tourism industry, its supply chains, and how each sector's business models influence the environmental management of the industry. Key words: sustainability, environmental management, business responsibility, carbon management, and hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, destinations, economic development, supply chains.

Enrollment for both fall semester courses is between July 18 and August 28 - Registration Information. Classes occur during the Fall semester which is August 29 - December 19. 

What's New at EWI

New Book: Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet, Environmental, Business and Policy Solutions

A comprehensive new book on sustainable tourism management, by Megan Epler Wood, will be released in January 2017.

This book is being timed for release to help guide the Post-Paris COP 21 dialogue on measuring tourism impacts and the upcoming International Year of Sustainable Tourism and International Development. It will be published by Earthscan Press, Routledge for availability worldwide in paperback, hard cover, and ebook form. Read more...