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EplerWood International (EWI) has partnered with The Travel Foundation and Cornell University to present a major new report.  

This report, due in March 2019, will analyze how the more damaging impacts of tourism's rapid growth can be better understood and managed globally. 

The report shows that destinations across the world are not prepared for the unprecedented demands tourism growth has placed on them. The report suggests that, wherever it exists, tourism places an "invisible burden" on destinations and their residents. The invisible burden leaves inadequate revenue to provide a sustainable foundation to manage the rapid growth of tourism worldwide. 


The carbon emissions associated with EplerWood International's Principal, Megan Epler Wood, are offset by supporting two projects through Native EnergyHonduras Coffee Growers Clean Water Project and REDD in the Yaeda Valley, Tanzania to avoid deforestation.   

Featured Projects

EWI completed research on the ISTI Framework  

This research of the International Sustainable Tourism Initiative from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health will provide a science-based set of measures for destinations to manage their GhG emissions and the unaccounted-for costs of tourism growth. 

Data gathered confirmed that the ISTI Framework can provide a standardized measurement system to local authorities seeking to achieve efficient destination economies, measure progress on meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and evaluate the investment required to protect valuable natural and social capital. Primary research took place in Tunisia, on Djerba Island with the support of GIZ