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Selling Sustainability Topic of New On-Line Ecotourism Master Class
October 2, 2014 · Washington, DC & Burlington, VT

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) and EplerWood International (EWI) are launching their second Master Class, The Ecotourism Market: Selling Sustainability in November. The 3-part course will focus on successfully integrating social media into a destination’s marketing plan as well as creating market access for sustainable destinations.

The Ecotourism Market: Selling Sustainability will run over three consecutive weeks. The presenters are Randy Durband, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Leilani Latimer, head of Product Marketing for Sabre Hospitality Solutions and Dr. D’Arcy Dornan, Cofounder of the South American Sustainable Tourism Network.

“Learning to communicate the value of sustainability for business and destinations is an essential tool for all ecotourism professionals,” said Kelly Bricker, TIES Executive Director.

All sessions will be held via a live webinar format providing participants the opportunity to actively engage with presenters and fellow attendees. Each module will last two hours and participants will receive a certificate for completion of the course from TIES.

“Our Master Classes provide exceptional content with current, field-based examples for tourism professionals from all over the world, said Megan Epler Wood, EWI Principal. “No matter where you are you can be a part of our classroom network. It’s really quite dynamic.”

The Master Class costs $250 or $200 for TIES members and participants who took part in the last Master Class. TIES and EWI are dedicated to offering on-line training and education for ecotourism professionals worldwide. More information and registration is available at: www.ecotourism.org/ecotourism-masterclass.